Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well it's Tuesday

The weeks sure fly by now. Now that I am a working woman again. I really don't think they went this fast when I was working 6 years ago. I know for a FACT they didn't. Somehow time has sped up.

We have all seemed to settle down into a routine now. I think everyone has adjusted to me going back to work. Tyler has had a few bad days. But nothing to major. Denny says he cries sometimes when he drops him off. But when I pick him up, Pat says he did that for like 2 mins and then happily went and played.

When I come home at night, and I see him, I feel so guilty. I get that "oh I should be home with him, I missed so much!" feeling. Then he throws a tantrum and the guilt goes out the window.

Ok seriously, I do miss him. And I do feel slighty guilty. But he is 3. It's not like he is 3 months and I am leaving him. Madison was 6 mons when I went back to work. She turned out just fine. Well maybe.

I think it's just a Mother thing. We feel that we need to be home, yet we need to be at our job. I took off last Wednesday to go with Madison on her field trip. All I could think about was how Jennie was in the office all by herself! I felt horribly guilty for taking a day off. But I think that is partly because this job is so new, I hate to ask for time off. Ok scratch that. It's not because the job is new. I used to feel that way at the dialysis center. And I worked there for 4 years!

Enough rambling. It's Tuesday and we (actually Jennie) has 10 testers coming in here, in about 30 mins. I need to get ready.

Until next time America. :)

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