Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My tip for the day

I was cleaned out my pantry today. And by pantry and I mean the big cabinet that my parents bought us when we lived in our last rental house. :) I found two half bags of marshmallows, two bags of almost empty chocolate chips and half a box of Multi Grain Cheerios. I was trying to figure out what I could do with this stuff....

-The smallows may get ate at some point.
-The choco chips can be used in cookies.
-The Cheerios? Well the box had dust on the top if that tells ya anything.

So I decided to make a trail mix of sorts for the monkeys. They LOVE and go nuts when I do this. (which isn't very often) I combined some cheerios, smallows and a few choco chips and viola! A perfect snack for lunches or after school! I have done this before, but used m&m's, nuts and dried fruit (more like a real mix).

Now there is around 25 bags just sitting in the cabinet waiting to be ate. No more fussing when someone asks "what can I have for a snack??" :) :) :)


I was semi cleaning out the freezer's this weekend and you would not believe how many half full containers of ice cream there were! I think it was up to 9. *ducks and runs* Ok so most weren't HALF full, more like almost empty. You know what I am talking about! The container gets so low, that you just put it back in the freezer so that the grocery shopper AKA Mom will notice and buy you more. Or that you put it back in hopes that it will automatically fill up after you shut the door. You know.... lol

One container was never opened. The expiration date was 6/09. LMAO I know when I bought it....Marsh's was going out of business and they had like 90% off everything remaining in the store. I got that container of Edy's ice cream for like $.25 I kid you not. Figured we would eat it someday. Well we never did, and it got shoved to the back of the freezer. Story of my life!!!


And my hives are still around. It blows. The doc said they might go away, then resurface. Then go away. I am hoping they GO.AWAY.VERY.SOON. I hate them. It's like the Zrytec is not even working. I itch all the time, and the blotches just keep jumping. Yesterday I had a fat upper lip. It looked like I had a collagen injection. Today it's gone. This sucks suck sucks!!! We were thinking of taking the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge on Spring Break (in 4ish weeks) and I DO NOT want to wear a bathing suit with red blotches everywhere. People will think I am a leper! I keep praying that they will go away for good.

I am completely tired too, which after googleing, apparently comes with hives. Speaking of google, omg I don't want to do that for hives again! The pictures were ok, the talk of hives and how they form and such was fine...it was the fact that some people get them and have them consistently for months...if not YEARS!!!!!!!!!! Freaking out people, fuh-reak-ing OUT!

Talk me down, talk me down please.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I couldn't come up with anything good for a title so there ya go!

As I said, I have been subbing at the kids' school on and off. I like it to an extent. The pay is horrible, but the hours are good and I get to eat lunch with 2 of my monkeys so I guess that makes up for it!?? And our babysitter is really cheap, so sending Tyler there is not really an issue either.

Would I take a job there if they offered me full time? Maybe. Like I said, the pay is crap, but the hours are cool. Plus the insurance from the school district is waaay better than we have now, and cheaper. So I would be making less money, but we would be getting more each week from Denny's check. Our insurance through him is astronomical.

I honestly don't know why I am even thinking of them hiring me. Pipe dream I guess.

So this weekend has been not so fun. Tyler was home "sick" Friday, due to having a fever at 8:45am on Thursday, that resulted in him getting sent home from school. Although he was perfectly fine, and could have went to school, rules say he had to stay home. I digress. Anyway, I had promised him a full bath. He normally gets a shower type bath. So this was a BIG deal to him. The tub was ahem a bit dirty. So I got out the cleaner and cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned. Did I mention I cleaned? The boy was thrilled and had a blast having his full bath. I began itching a bit afterwards, but didn't think to much of it.

Fast forward till the evening, around 6:30ish. I realized at that point, I had really been itching. Everywhere. I go into the bathroom and look at my face and I couldn't believe what I saw. Along side my eyes were these huge red welts. Down the left side, all the way to my chin were more. I freaked a bit. Then realized that they were hives. I haven't had hives for over 10years! I checked the rest of myself, and saw more around my lower back, and a couple around my legs. I found some children's benedryl, and took it, since that is all we had. I figured I was allergic to the cleaner used to clean the tub. I quickly hopped in the shower, to try and remove any of the cleaner from my body.

I took more benedryl before bed. I woke up Saturday and seriously could not open my left eye. I had to pry it open with my fingers. I went into the bathroom and about passed out. My eyes were so swollen and my face had red blotches all over it. I checked myself over and found hives everywhere....head to toe. I freaked out even more. I knew I had to make a drs appt and get something stronger than benedryl.

To make this long story a bit shorter, I got into the doctors. I left with a script for prednisone (the evil wonder drug). He also told me to get Zyrtec, as it's a better antihistamine than bendryl. I felt like crap, so I ended up missing the girls' basketball games and sat in my chair trying hard not to itch.

By last night around 7, I was back to normal. No more hives! Yay! Until today, lol. I woke up fine. After about and hour, I began to itch. The Zyrtec is only good for 24hrs and I think it was just wearing off. It's 4:30 now and my hives are gone again. I took the pill at 11:45. I just hope the hives decide to disappear for good. The doc said stress does not help. And let's just say the stress level has been on high today. Joyous.

Other than that, the good news is that I bought a dishwasher last week! Denny installed it Thursday, and we ran it and it leaked. He checked it today, and found out it was not level. A quick fix and we were back in business. I will NOT miss doing the dishes. Not one bit.

Later taters!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow day

*This post was originally started on 2/22/11. It's 3/6/11 now, but I figured I might as well post it*

Today is a snow day for the kiddos. We got around 4" yesterday, then it looks to be another 1 or so overnight. We had freezing rain and sleet in the morning yesterday. So both of those together made for one messy day. The kids even got out one hour early.

I know I haven't posted for a bit, I have been busy..........WORKING!!!!!!! Yes that's right folks, working! Ok, it was temporary, but hey it paid! Last Wednesday, I had just gotten up when the school called. It was Mrs. Henry asking me if I could come in and be a substitute! I was like, omg, are you serious? I checked with Denny to make sure he could come get Tyler off the bus, and began getting ready for my day as Mrs. Sheets.

I worked until 2:30 as a Gen Ed Para Professional. It was somewhat challenging, but good. Definitely reaffirmed my decision to NOT be a teacher. :) While I was there, I was asked if I could sub on Friday for Mrs. Lahr. I was like sure!

Wednesday night, I received a call from Mrs. Carroll. She asked if I could sub for her Thursday afternoon. Once again, I said sure! So I ended up working all day Wednesday, Thursday afternoon and all day Friday.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh my goodness

I logged on here and it reminded me to check the spam part on my comments. That I may have comments that Blogger thought was spam. So I go check. (btw all comments have to be moderated before posted)

I went to that page and saw 69 comments. I was like HUH??? I just started blogging again a couple of days ago, how the heck could there be that many already? I am not that popular.....or am I? (LOL)

The comments I was seeing was the comments people had made previously. Crazy part? I HAVE NEVER READ ANY OF THEM!!!!


Where the heck had I been? For awhile there I was blogging consistently. Why I never saw the comments, I have no idea! I did see one that was some spam ad, so that's when I switched moderated comments.

I think I am just losing it.

It was certainly fun to read all those though.

Ok, it's late and I have to get up early.

Later taters.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do you ever have one of those moments

where you are doing something, and your mind begins thinking of something totally random? My crazy brain does it constantly.

For instance, tonight I was putting socks in the washer. Which I hate doing by the way. Laundry itself, no. Socks, yes! I hate touching them to turn them right side out. Skeeves me out just thinking about it. Ugh. If we could afford it, I would just continually buy new socks. Then I would never have to wash any!

Anyway, I was putting them in, thinking of how disgusting they were, when I started thinking of Tyler's birthday party. I had made a cheeseball the night before. (Tip--always make it the day before you need it. Makes them taste soooo good. I have a darn good recipe too..I will have to share it some day) Everyone was getting their food and Denny's Grandma gets some of the cheeseball and proceeds to yell out "OMG Do you really think I want hair in my food?" in front of everyone. Thank God, it was just our close family here. I was so embarrassed! And I rarely get embarrased. She walked up to me holding a scoop of cheeseball, with a long hair hanging out, with more cheeseball hanging from that. In reality, it was quite classic and hilarious. I was mortified. I quickly apologized to everyone, grabbed it out of her hands and disposed of it. I then proceeded to check the rest of the cheeseball over to make sure I didn't see any more hairs. Oh good Lord, I couldn't believe that just happened.

Makes you think about the cleanliness of others, ya know?

I just find it odd how I was putting socks in the washer and I started thinking of the hair that Denny's Grandma found in the cheeseball.

The way my mind works sometimes is insane.

On another note, one of my friends could certainly use prayers right now. She and her husband are on an adoption list, and yet another birth mother passed on them. I think this is really beginning to get to her. She is one of the most wonderful people I have ever known. Her and her DH will be fantastic parents. So an extra prayer for her would totally be appreciated.

Later taters.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I haven't posted anything here since April 2009. That was dang near two years ago! Geesh! I almost forgot this existed.

Here's to keeping the blog up to date!

What has been happening since 04/09???


Tyler turned 5 in January and is now in preschool. He goes to the preK at the school he will attend in the fall. The one the girls go to. He goes everyday, for 2 1/2hrs. It's wonderful and FREE! Yes, you heard me right, FREE!!! Why we didn't send the girls there, is beyond me. Ok, it's not really. We had no clue Lincoln had a preschool, lol! Had we known, we would of definitely saved some dough. He is doing excellent there. They say he is a joy to have in class. Sure wish he would be a joy at home.

Olivia turned 8 in December and is in second grade. She has changed quite a bit. We haven't had the evil Olivia in quite some time. Probably since around the time I last posted here. She has tons of friends and is currently deciding what boy should be her boyfriend. She is back in dance, and is doing basketball with Upwards. When it comes to basketball, she does fabulous! We just need to teach her to not ball hog all the time.

Madison is now 10 (omg I can't believe it) and in 4th grade. She is actually in a 4th/5th grade classroom. It's great for her because it challenges her more. Her grades definitely slipped compared to previous years, but she worked hard and got them back up to all A's. She is quite the social butterfly. Every weekend, she is either at her friends house, or they are here. She is taking dance again, and is also in Upwards basketball, Choir and the Math Bowl Team. Definitely makes me run around a lot!

Denny is still the same. He is still working at the same place. He doesn't work quite as much, but does. KWIM? He still does all the towing around here. And with all the snow we have had, it's kept him rather busy.

Me? Well I am a stay at home Mom again. As of August. My glorious job decided to lay me off, "due to the economy". More on the whole Manpower debacle another day. So I have been enjoying being at home, doing the whole unemployment thing. It's been nice, really nice. I get 2.5 kid free hours a day. If this continues until the next school year, I will get 7 kid free hours a day! WOOHOO! I really hope it doesn't, as I miss working. And the money, lol. Having all this free time has allowed me to get things done that would not have, or would of taken a bit more time. For instance, Tyler's room. We completely re-did the kitchen upstairs and made it into his bedroom. His old bedroom is my new office. My old office is the kids homework room/office. It was something we had been wanting to do for awhile, but just never did. Now it's done!

So there have been some crazy changes around here, but for the most part, things are good. One would think that me being home would mean our house was constantly in the "people can drop by" stage. WRONG!! LOL I will admit I have become more Monica Gellar since being off work. I am not at 100%. I would say around 80% Monica. I normally do the dishes every day, keep everything picked up, make sure the laundry is done, etc etc etc. But not the last few days. My laundry room looks like the tables at Goodwill....clothes everywhere! The dishes are not a Defcon 4.....yet. The kids were off school last week for 3 days due to snow. That just totally messed up everything. It threw my schedule completely off. And yesterday was my birthday so I did absolutely nothing, lol. So today I am playing catch up.

Ok, well that's enough for now. I am really going to keep this blog up, I swear. Promise.

Later taters.

Friday, April 24, 2009

It's so beautiful

Outside! The sun is shining brightly! And I am stuck inside.

As usual, things are nuts around the household.

Tyler is as ornery as ever. He is going through this extreme whiney phase. If something doesn't go his way, or he gets the wrong color of cup, it's like his life is over. He has learned this wondeful trait from his lovely sisters. I am sick and tired of hearing it and normally just ignore it. No really, I take him and look him in the eyes and ask him to explain why he is upset. Then try to help. He got mad at another kid at the sitters, and ripped the kids glasses off. The mom tells Denny that the glasses will cost $125 to fix. And they were brand new in February. Denny brings them home to see if we can fix them. The one earpiece is broke off the frame. It's not fixable. The lady still swears we have to pay $125. Denny took them to the kids eye doctor and walks out after paying $12 for a new ear piece! He said she was the type to take someone for every penny.

Olivia is enjoying every day of kindergarten. She loves Mrs. Fahl and has tons of friends. I cannot believe how far she has come! She is reading completely on her own now! It's amazing. She is still having her meltdowns. But now that it is warming up, and she is able to go outside, things have been more tolerable. Maybe she has the seasonal depression. We still need to contact the counselor her pedi recommended. I think she still has some issues that need worked out. But for the most part, things do seem to be getting better.

Madison It's hard to believe that she is 8 1/2! She is just amazing. She still loves to cuddle with me and sit on my lap, yet is so independent. She is loving school and her teacher Mrs. Mast. She is one of the top students and just keeps on excelling. I am shocked at the things she knows, lol! She is playing soccer this summer, instead of softball. I think soccer has always been her best sport, but we felt it was her decision. So last year she chose softball. And I think she really missed soccer.

Denny hasn't been working near the hours he used to. And THAT is wondeful. Of course, I don't get to see him as much, but we seem to get along better than ever. He is now responsible for getting the kids up, getting them ready for school/sitters, taking Tyler to the sitters and on some days picking Tyler up. He seems to see them more than me now!

I have been really swamped with work. The Vera Bradley sale starts next week and I have been super busy finding workers for it. I get to work it again! YAY! Actually I am volunteering, lol. But hey if that gets me the discount and being able to shop Sunday before it opens, I AM THERE!