Sunday, March 6, 2011


I couldn't come up with anything good for a title so there ya go!

As I said, I have been subbing at the kids' school on and off. I like it to an extent. The pay is horrible, but the hours are good and I get to eat lunch with 2 of my monkeys so I guess that makes up for it!?? And our babysitter is really cheap, so sending Tyler there is not really an issue either.

Would I take a job there if they offered me full time? Maybe. Like I said, the pay is crap, but the hours are cool. Plus the insurance from the school district is waaay better than we have now, and cheaper. So I would be making less money, but we would be getting more each week from Denny's check. Our insurance through him is astronomical.

I honestly don't know why I am even thinking of them hiring me. Pipe dream I guess.

So this weekend has been not so fun. Tyler was home "sick" Friday, due to having a fever at 8:45am on Thursday, that resulted in him getting sent home from school. Although he was perfectly fine, and could have went to school, rules say he had to stay home. I digress. Anyway, I had promised him a full bath. He normally gets a shower type bath. So this was a BIG deal to him. The tub was ahem a bit dirty. So I got out the cleaner and cleaned. And cleaned. And cleaned. Did I mention I cleaned? The boy was thrilled and had a blast having his full bath. I began itching a bit afterwards, but didn't think to much of it.

Fast forward till the evening, around 6:30ish. I realized at that point, I had really been itching. Everywhere. I go into the bathroom and look at my face and I couldn't believe what I saw. Along side my eyes were these huge red welts. Down the left side, all the way to my chin were more. I freaked a bit. Then realized that they were hives. I haven't had hives for over 10years! I checked the rest of myself, and saw more around my lower back, and a couple around my legs. I found some children's benedryl, and took it, since that is all we had. I figured I was allergic to the cleaner used to clean the tub. I quickly hopped in the shower, to try and remove any of the cleaner from my body.

I took more benedryl before bed. I woke up Saturday and seriously could not open my left eye. I had to pry it open with my fingers. I went into the bathroom and about passed out. My eyes were so swollen and my face had red blotches all over it. I checked myself over and found hives everywhere....head to toe. I freaked out even more. I knew I had to make a drs appt and get something stronger than benedryl.

To make this long story a bit shorter, I got into the doctors. I left with a script for prednisone (the evil wonder drug). He also told me to get Zyrtec, as it's a better antihistamine than bendryl. I felt like crap, so I ended up missing the girls' basketball games and sat in my chair trying hard not to itch.

By last night around 7, I was back to normal. No more hives! Yay! Until today, lol. I woke up fine. After about and hour, I began to itch. The Zyrtec is only good for 24hrs and I think it was just wearing off. It's 4:30 now and my hives are gone again. I took the pill at 11:45. I just hope the hives decide to disappear for good. The doc said stress does not help. And let's just say the stress level has been on high today. Joyous.

Other than that, the good news is that I bought a dishwasher last week! Denny installed it Thursday, and we ran it and it leaked. He checked it today, and found out it was not level. A quick fix and we were back in business. I will NOT miss doing the dishes. Not one bit.

Later taters!

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