Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My tip for the day

I was cleaned out my pantry today. And by pantry and I mean the big cabinet that my parents bought us when we lived in our last rental house. :) I found two half bags of marshmallows, two bags of almost empty chocolate chips and half a box of Multi Grain Cheerios. I was trying to figure out what I could do with this stuff....

-The smallows may get ate at some point.
-The choco chips can be used in cookies.
-The Cheerios? Well the box had dust on the top if that tells ya anything.

So I decided to make a trail mix of sorts for the monkeys. They LOVE and go nuts when I do this. (which isn't very often) I combined some cheerios, smallows and a few choco chips and viola! A perfect snack for lunches or after school! I have done this before, but used m&m's, nuts and dried fruit (more like a real mix).

Now there is around 25 bags just sitting in the cabinet waiting to be ate. No more fussing when someone asks "what can I have for a snack??" :) :) :)


I was semi cleaning out the freezer's this weekend and you would not believe how many half full containers of ice cream there were! I think it was up to 9. *ducks and runs* Ok so most weren't HALF full, more like almost empty. You know what I am talking about! The container gets so low, that you just put it back in the freezer so that the grocery shopper AKA Mom will notice and buy you more. Or that you put it back in hopes that it will automatically fill up after you shut the door. You know.... lol

One container was never opened. The expiration date was 6/09. LMAO I know when I bought it....Marsh's was going out of business and they had like 90% off everything remaining in the store. I got that container of Edy's ice cream for like $.25 I kid you not. Figured we would eat it someday. Well we never did, and it got shoved to the back of the freezer. Story of my life!!!


And my hives are still around. It blows. The doc said they might go away, then resurface. Then go away. I am hoping they GO.AWAY.VERY.SOON. I hate them. It's like the Zrytec is not even working. I itch all the time, and the blotches just keep jumping. Yesterday I had a fat upper lip. It looked like I had a collagen injection. Today it's gone. This sucks suck sucks!!! We were thinking of taking the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge on Spring Break (in 4ish weeks) and I DO NOT want to wear a bathing suit with red blotches everywhere. People will think I am a leper! I keep praying that they will go away for good.

I am completely tired too, which after googleing, apparently comes with hives. Speaking of google, omg I don't want to do that for hives again! The pictures were ok, the talk of hives and how they form and such was fine...it was the fact that some people get them and have them consistently for months...if not YEARS!!!!!!!!!! Freaking out people, fuh-reak-ing OUT!

Talk me down, talk me down please.

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