Friday, April 24, 2009

It's so beautiful

Outside! The sun is shining brightly! And I am stuck inside.

As usual, things are nuts around the household.

Tyler is as ornery as ever. He is going through this extreme whiney phase. If something doesn't go his way, or he gets the wrong color of cup, it's like his life is over. He has learned this wondeful trait from his lovely sisters. I am sick and tired of hearing it and normally just ignore it. No really, I take him and look him in the eyes and ask him to explain why he is upset. Then try to help. He got mad at another kid at the sitters, and ripped the kids glasses off. The mom tells Denny that the glasses will cost $125 to fix. And they were brand new in February. Denny brings them home to see if we can fix them. The one earpiece is broke off the frame. It's not fixable. The lady still swears we have to pay $125. Denny took them to the kids eye doctor and walks out after paying $12 for a new ear piece! He said she was the type to take someone for every penny.

Olivia is enjoying every day of kindergarten. She loves Mrs. Fahl and has tons of friends. I cannot believe how far she has come! She is reading completely on her own now! It's amazing. She is still having her meltdowns. But now that it is warming up, and she is able to go outside, things have been more tolerable. Maybe she has the seasonal depression. We still need to contact the counselor her pedi recommended. I think she still has some issues that need worked out. But for the most part, things do seem to be getting better.

Madison It's hard to believe that she is 8 1/2! She is just amazing. She still loves to cuddle with me and sit on my lap, yet is so independent. She is loving school and her teacher Mrs. Mast. She is one of the top students and just keeps on excelling. I am shocked at the things she knows, lol! She is playing soccer this summer, instead of softball. I think soccer has always been her best sport, but we felt it was her decision. So last year she chose softball. And I think she really missed soccer.

Denny hasn't been working near the hours he used to. And THAT is wondeful. Of course, I don't get to see him as much, but we seem to get along better than ever. He is now responsible for getting the kids up, getting them ready for school/sitters, taking Tyler to the sitters and on some days picking Tyler up. He seems to see them more than me now!

I have been really swamped with work. The Vera Bradley sale starts next week and I have been super busy finding workers for it. I get to work it again! YAY! Actually I am volunteering, lol. But hey if that gets me the discount and being able to shop Sunday before it opens, I AM THERE!

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