Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I haven't posted anything here since April 2009. That was dang near two years ago! Geesh! I almost forgot this existed.

Here's to keeping the blog up to date!

What has been happening since 04/09???


Tyler turned 5 in January and is now in preschool. He goes to the preK at the school he will attend in the fall. The one the girls go to. He goes everyday, for 2 1/2hrs. It's wonderful and FREE! Yes, you heard me right, FREE!!! Why we didn't send the girls there, is beyond me. Ok, it's not really. We had no clue Lincoln had a preschool, lol! Had we known, we would of definitely saved some dough. He is doing excellent there. They say he is a joy to have in class. Sure wish he would be a joy at home.

Olivia turned 8 in December and is in second grade. She has changed quite a bit. We haven't had the evil Olivia in quite some time. Probably since around the time I last posted here. She has tons of friends and is currently deciding what boy should be her boyfriend. She is back in dance, and is doing basketball with Upwards. When it comes to basketball, she does fabulous! We just need to teach her to not ball hog all the time.

Madison is now 10 (omg I can't believe it) and in 4th grade. She is actually in a 4th/5th grade classroom. It's great for her because it challenges her more. Her grades definitely slipped compared to previous years, but she worked hard and got them back up to all A's. She is quite the social butterfly. Every weekend, she is either at her friends house, or they are here. She is taking dance again, and is also in Upwards basketball, Choir and the Math Bowl Team. Definitely makes me run around a lot!

Denny is still the same. He is still working at the same place. He doesn't work quite as much, but does. KWIM? He still does all the towing around here. And with all the snow we have had, it's kept him rather busy.

Me? Well I am a stay at home Mom again. As of August. My glorious job decided to lay me off, "due to the economy". More on the whole Manpower debacle another day. So I have been enjoying being at home, doing the whole unemployment thing. It's been nice, really nice. I get 2.5 kid free hours a day. If this continues until the next school year, I will get 7 kid free hours a day! WOOHOO! I really hope it doesn't, as I miss working. And the money, lol. Having all this free time has allowed me to get things done that would not have, or would of taken a bit more time. For instance, Tyler's room. We completely re-did the kitchen upstairs and made it into his bedroom. His old bedroom is my new office. My old office is the kids homework room/office. It was something we had been wanting to do for awhile, but just never did. Now it's done!

So there have been some crazy changes around here, but for the most part, things are good. One would think that me being home would mean our house was constantly in the "people can drop by" stage. WRONG!! LOL I will admit I have become more Monica Gellar since being off work. I am not at 100%. I would say around 80% Monica. I normally do the dishes every day, keep everything picked up, make sure the laundry is done, etc etc etc. But not the last few days. My laundry room looks like the tables at Goodwill....clothes everywhere! The dishes are not a Defcon 4.....yet. The kids were off school last week for 3 days due to snow. That just totally messed up everything. It threw my schedule completely off. And yesterday was my birthday so I did absolutely nothing, lol. So today I am playing catch up.

Ok, well that's enough for now. I am really going to keep this blog up, I swear. Promise.

Later taters.

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