Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do you ever have one of those moments

where you are doing something, and your mind begins thinking of something totally random? My crazy brain does it constantly.

For instance, tonight I was putting socks in the washer. Which I hate doing by the way. Laundry itself, no. Socks, yes! I hate touching them to turn them right side out. Skeeves me out just thinking about it. Ugh. If we could afford it, I would just continually buy new socks. Then I would never have to wash any!

Anyway, I was putting them in, thinking of how disgusting they were, when I started thinking of Tyler's birthday party. I had made a cheeseball the night before. (Tip--always make it the day before you need it. Makes them taste soooo good. I have a darn good recipe too..I will have to share it some day) Everyone was getting their food and Denny's Grandma gets some of the cheeseball and proceeds to yell out "OMG Do you really think I want hair in my food?" in front of everyone. Thank God, it was just our close family here. I was so embarrassed! And I rarely get embarrased. She walked up to me holding a scoop of cheeseball, with a long hair hanging out, with more cheeseball hanging from that. In reality, it was quite classic and hilarious. I was mortified. I quickly apologized to everyone, grabbed it out of her hands and disposed of it. I then proceeded to check the rest of the cheeseball over to make sure I didn't see any more hairs. Oh good Lord, I couldn't believe that just happened.

Makes you think about the cleanliness of others, ya know?

I just find it odd how I was putting socks in the washer and I started thinking of the hair that Denny's Grandma found in the cheeseball.

The way my mind works sometimes is insane.

On another note, one of my friends could certainly use prayers right now. She and her husband are on an adoption list, and yet another birth mother passed on them. I think this is really beginning to get to her. She is one of the most wonderful people I have ever known. Her and her DH will be fantastic parents. So an extra prayer for her would totally be appreciated.

Later taters.

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