Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh my goodness

I logged on here and it reminded me to check the spam part on my comments. That I may have comments that Blogger thought was spam. So I go check. (btw all comments have to be moderated before posted)

I went to that page and saw 69 comments. I was like HUH??? I just started blogging again a couple of days ago, how the heck could there be that many already? I am not that popular.....or am I? (LOL)

The comments I was seeing was the comments people had made previously. Crazy part? I HAVE NEVER READ ANY OF THEM!!!!


Where the heck had I been? For awhile there I was blogging consistently. Why I never saw the comments, I have no idea! I did see one that was some spam ad, so that's when I switched moderated comments.

I think I am just losing it.

It was certainly fun to read all those though.

Ok, it's late and I have to get up early.

Later taters.

1 comment:

Latharia said...

Too funny!!! I'm glad you had fun catching up, though! :D